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The Dowsers Corner

Our Pocket / Purse Rods

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~~ Hand Crafted ~~
Copper Clad Steel

Dowsing / Divining "L" Rods

Each pair is shipped complete with my
Customer Proven Instructions Sheet, AND our SPECIAL ADDENDUM
showing you the proper method to hold your new mini-rods!
(You can even install my optional witness chamber kit, for added focus and sensitivity!!)

Just like my larger dowsing rods, each pair is skillfully crafted by hand, checking for proper alignment and balance each setp of the way! Upon completion, each pair is double checked for smooth performance ...... just to be CERTAIN that you will enjoy a quality experience that can't be beat! No mass production here, just LOTS of personal attention to those LITTLE DETAILS!!
My hand crafted dowsing rods have long been the personal choice of MANY HAPPY Ebay dowsers!

My original Pocket Size Dowsing Rods have been offered on Ebay for years now ....... providing dowsers with an easily concealed ..... handy alternative to my more sensitive full size rods. Carry a pair of these with you for whenever that "unexpected dowsing opportunity" presents itself! Easily concealed in a pocket or purse ..... yet STRONG enough that they won't bend ..... so you'll always be ready for a quick site screeing ...... all without anyone being the wiser!!

Let these tiny POCKET SIZE dowsing / divining rods provide you with the instant opportunity for loads of fun and adventure .... without being highly visible!!
Used and sworn by for years ........... dowsing rods have been used for both practical and adventuresome applications! Who hasn't heard of the dowser who was called in to find water when the well driller couldn't??!! Professional Utility Workers, Plumbers and Electricians alike have used dowsing rods over the years ..... in order to help them locate underground Water / Sewer / and Other Utility lines and conduits. Some use them as a metal detector! Some search for lost or missing items! MANY use them to search for ghosts!
Amaze yourself, and your friends ...... by locating underground water lines!! It is said that the great majority of people have the ability to use dowsing rods skillfully, with just a bit of guided practice. Some item specific dowsers like to add my "Witness Chamber Kit," which is designed to fit ALL MY dowsing rods!! There's even a two page guide to help you in getting started, plus an add on sheet showing you how to hold them properly! Try your hand at this ancient form of metal detecting ...... for fun ...... pleasure ...... and practicality! You'll be glad you did!!

These 1/8" diameter / Bright Copper Clad Steel Pocket divining rods are fitted with resilient clear plastic sleeves, to allow for free and unimpeded movement of the rods when in actual use. We've sold these for years, and many of our customers enjoy the concealability of these rods for preliminary site screenings ..... while being able to carry them in an inconspicuous manner! And you won't need to worry about sitting on them either ..... with their "full strength" STEEL construction! PLUS their GREAT looks, increased conductivity, and rust resistance are all enhanced by their bright copper coating!! A real combination that is hard to beat!! Email with any questions you may have!
Some Examples of My Ebay Positive Feedback

Praise : Gorgeous, pocket sz. rods.Handy-accessible.
I love these RODS! Everyone buy a set!!!
(Auction #5742434205)

Praise : Better than ever expected, real tools not fad items
(Auction #5516718011)

Praise : Awesome dowsing rods!! They have worked EVERY TIME!!
(Auction #2995307174)

Praise : Totally Unbeleivable I was able to find my dogs lost grave in minutes Thanks
(Auction #2969744557)

Praise : Very quick shipping and cool product.. it really works A+++++++++ seller
(Auction #2966636999)

Praise : very nice rods, nicely finished on the ends, arrived promptly, would buy again
(Auction #2968422343)

Praise : Another perfect transaction. Great rods!
Thanks very much. AAAAAAAA++++++++
(Auction #2966636983)

Praise : I am a repeat customer. Great seller.
Always a pleasure. Thanks very much.!
(Auction #2966867851)

Praise : Excellent Quality Rods, Fast shipping, excellent Ebayer AA++++
(Auction #2962885296)

Really nice rods, well made REALLY! Great price,
fast ship, unbeatable. Thanks!
(Auction #2943540135)

Praise : As always, the BEST dowsing rods on eBay! Wouldnt buy anywhere else! Own 4 pair!
(Auction #2915596584)

Praise : WOW! these really work! i was sceptical too.
its really amazing! great product!
(Auction #2913186990)

Praise : Awesome rods! Work VERY well! LOVE THEM! THANKS! A++++

Praise : A++++ love my purchase--had results immediately-great doing business with-THANKS

Praise : very good product, work as described, Super Fast Shipment

Praise : U made it so very easy.the rods are beautiful

Praise : fastest tranaction ever--great product

Praise : Super smooth transaction - quick shipment - very nice product + instructions A++

Praise : Excellant service. Well crafted product. Will tell others

Praise : very nice rods,top quality. Fast shipping,great communications--A+++++

Praise : nice rods! pleased with item & seller! kicks butt!

Praise : The rods are high quality and include smooth handles and clips to join them

Praise : Great seller. THESE RODS REALLY WORK AND ARE GREAT FUN TO BOOT!!! Buy a few!!

~ A Lovely Testimonial Offered By One Of My Customers ~

I just wanted to thank you for this special purchase I could not leave enough positive feedback I have been looking at info on the dowsing rods and was a bit skeptical I want to use them in my paranormal research but its a paranormal tool in itself I couldn't wait to test them out for unmarked graves at a very old an overgrown cemetary that I do volunter work at so I was going out to test it on the water main when I realized we had buried my two beloved dogs in the back yard many years ago and I knew the genaral area where they where at so I walked over to that area 10ft by 10ft area and walked around and remembered playing here in the back yard with Sparky and Bandit and to my surprise the rods crossed in not 1 but 2 locations about 2ft from each other centralizing right where my dogs are buried this is a wonderful tool with minimal concentration and minutes from opening the box and reading the enclosed directions I was able to use these beutiful rods with ease thank you so much Thank you Brian & Jessica PS if you would like to use this letter for future sales I would be delighted in helping you sell this great tool


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