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The Dowsers Corner

Copyright 2005
~~ Proprietary Design ~~
ALL forms of duplication expressly PROHIBITED!!

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Dowsing / Divining
“Bobber Rod / Wand”
(Info Sheet Included!)

Each one of my bobbers is skillfully crafted by hand, one piece at a time, checking each part for proper alignment and balance as it is assembled! Upon completion, each one is personally tested for smooth performance ...... just to be CERTAIN that you will enjoy a quality experience that can't be beat! No mass production here, just LOTS of personal attention to those LITTLE DETAILS, just like I've been doing with my “L - Rods” for years now!!



Here’s a dowsing tool that I had been developing for quite a while now, and I finally settled on a design that even meets my OWN demanding set of specifications!!

Many of my "L" Rod buyers have asked me to offer additional types of dowsing tools for years now. I've also had requests from Pendulum dowsers, who had been searching for a reasonably priced / HIGH QUALITY Bobber Wand to add to their kit.

The Pendulum dowsers in particular, found it all but impossible to take their dowsing skills outdoors. This is where the use of a bobber comes in!! The motions displayed on a bobber are very similar to the patterns of a Pendulum, BUT, it is designed to be used while walking about, indoors ...... or outdoors!!

Experienced "L" Rod Dowsers may wish to add a bobber to their tool kit, allowing them even more flexibility when dowsing at various types of sites?!
Pendulum dowsers in particular, will find this to be a great addition to their tool kit, FINALLY allowing them to take their experience and skills away from the table and out into the field! My included two sided info sheet provides you with basic use and background information to help get you in getting started. I also provide tips on how to care for your bobber and keep it looking like new!
Only $16.00
~ Plus Shipping ~



Your one stop source for hand crafted Dowsing & Ghost Hunting Rods. Bulk orders welcome!
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