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The Dowsers Corner

Our Radio Products

On this page are some of our Ham and Short Wave Radio products that we have offered on Ebay over the years.  We use what we sell .... and build each antenna or accessory as if it were for US!  Click on the pictures for a detailed information page on that item.  First rate quality construction, and prompt courteous service, all at a competative price! 

GREAT Radio Antenna's!

ALLBAND Short Wave Receive Antenna ......
Great for travel

ALL BAND SWL Antenna Great For Portable Operations

Only $20.00 
Plus Priority Mail S/H

Compact vertical installation example

This antenna works with ANY Short Wave Radio.  It GREATLY improves reception over the built in antenna's found on most portables.  Simply attach the mini clip onto the whip antenna of your SWL radio, hang the antenna either vertical or horizontal, and you are ready to go!  Comes with 20' feedline so you can hide the antenna behind a curtain, or even place it outside, yet listen from your favorite easy chair!  Our instructions / tip sheet provide many useful methods for coupling the antenna ............ some that most people would have never thought of!  We've sold TONS of these on Ebay ...... and our customer comments speak volumes!!!

Clips to the whip antenna on ANY BRAND radio

BNC to Dual Binding Post
~ Great QRP Antenna Adapter ~

A MUST HAVE Item for QRP operators!!

If you are into QRP .... this is a MUST HAVE accessory!  This is what you need to hook up those random wire, and trail dipoles to the back of your QRP rig.  Efficient gold plated center pin, and secure binding posts, let you setup and change antenna's without stressing your final's on the rig!!
Only $12.50
Includes First Class S/H
In a Bubble Pack Envelope
~ Anywhere In The USA ~

Our Handi Tail Counterpoise
Greatly Improves The ERP From
Your HT's Rubber Duck!
~ Great for 2M + 70CM ~

Our Handi Tail GREATLY Improves TX  Power

Our Handi Tail has been a favorite of ARES / RACES operators for years now! Simple but VERY EFFECTIVE at increasing the range of your HT's rubber duck antenna ..... while keeping the flexability needed for working in the field. Click on our link to view some actual before and after field strength readings, as well as reading what past customers have said about their purchase!  You'll have to agree .... higher ERP / lower battery power consumption / and no sky high tall antenna to break ....... is a combination that just can't be beat!

SIMPLE mounting / Fits most ANY style HT antenna

~ Only $8.95 ~
Includes First Class Shipping
In a #10 Business Envelope
~ Anywhere In The USA ~

COAX Stealth / Helical Dipole

Coax Stealth Antenna / 10-80 meters at 100W

Only $35.00
Plus Priority Mail S/H
A long time favorite of ham radio operators and SWL's alike!  This antenna is actually ADJUSTABLE for resonance on many bands, and can be used for receiving and transmitting alike!  Simply follow the included instructions to set up in as little as 15' of space!  Can be tuned up on 10-80 meters!  Great for portable or clandestine operations, where your landlord isn't in favor of your hobby!

40M in about 16' -- Great for Restricted Spaces

BALANCED Line Stealth Dipole

LOW LOSS / High Efficency / Includes 20' Feedline

Our Balanced Line Stealth Dipole has the same adjustability and portability of our Coax Stealth Model ...... BUT .... it features LOW LOSS Twin Lead Feeders!  When ANY antenna is operated off its resonant frequency, the feedline losses act as a multiplier to SWR losses!  Balanced feedlines have LONG BEEN the choice of hams amd SWL's in the "Know" ....... when trying to get MAXIMUM EFFICIENCY.  Ready to hook to your balun or directly .......... connect to your rig or your tuner.  Our instructions help you get up and running ...... at HIGH EFFICIENCY ...... FAST!!

Adjustable For Best Resonance 10-80m

Need a longer feedline??  The antenna comes with twenty feet, but extra is available at a "Shipped Cost" of just $0.35 per additional foot!

Go Direct To Your Radio With An Optional PL-259

Need a connector on the end??  We can install a quality / Silver plated - Teflon PL259 connector for just $5.00 with your antenna purchase!
Only $35.00
Plus Priority Mail S/H
(Sorry, This Item Currently Out Of Stock)

Each of these items has been "Customer Provenwith years of sales on Ebay.  Check our feedback to see what others have had to say about our items!!

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Each of these items has been "Customer Provenwith years of sales on Ebay.  Check our feedback to see what others have had to say about our items!!

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Ham / Shortwave Antenna's for tight spaces!

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