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The Dowsers Corner

Limited Time SPECIALS

One of our bulk customers failed to make good on their payment …… (that’s why we only ship AFTER payments have cleared) ….. but trying to provide prompt service …. I made their order up before being paid.  My mistake is your good fortune!  We have discounted special combinations deeply …… and these offers are limited to the overstock on hand.  First come first served.  Larger orders will be eligible for even larger discounts!  Send your shipping info for a detailed quote including shipping costs to:  dowserscorner(at)

FULL Size Rod Combo Deal

1 Full Size Copper Clad L Rod

1 Full Size Brass L Rod

1 Set Glow Beads

All for Only $16.50 plus S/H

($24.00 Value / A Savings of Over 31%)



Pocket Rod Combo Deal

1 Copper Clad Pocket Rod

1 Brass Pocket Rod

1 Set of Glow Beads

All for Only $14.50 plus S/H

($22.00 Value / A Savings of Over 34%)



The Full Monte Combo Deal

1 Full Size Copper Clad Rod

1 Pocket Copper Clad Rod

1 Full Size Brass Rod

1 Pocket Brass Rod

1 Glow Bead Kit

1 Witness Chamber Kit

All for Only $31.00 Plus S/H

(A $48.50 Value / Save Over 36%)

Specials on this page are limited in quantity.  First come, first served.  Other unique combination requests can be quoted from remaining stock availability.


Your one stop source for hand crafted Dowsing & Ghost Hunting Rods. Bulk orders welcome!
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