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The Dowsers Corner

Our Dowsing Products

On this page are many of the dowsing related products we have offered over the years. Click on the pictures for a detailed page of information on that item! Please check in from time to time, as we will periodically update the dowsing product page to include some new and unusual items.   Small dowsing rod orders are shipped via Priority Mail (up to 3 sets of standard full size rods can be shipped at the 1# rate).  Bulk orders are usually shipped via FedEx Ground.  We will gladly combine items to save on shipping costs!  We accept International Orders shipped via Air Letter Post class of service.  Insurance and Delivery Confirmation available at additional cost.  Email with any questions or for price quotes.  Please include your shipping address so we can accurately quote any shipping costs.
PLEASE NOTE  that with so many suppliers closing or consolidating their product lines, the colors / specs of individual component items (such as rod handles) MAY be different than depicted, based on current availability. 

Our Full Size BRASS "L" Rods 
A Favorite Of Ghost Hunters!

Full Size BRASS "L" Rods
Brass Rods / Shown With Optional Witness Chambers
Optional Witness Chambers NOT INCLUDED

Our Brass "L" Rods have been a favorite of my dowsers for several years now.  While they are softer metal than oour copper clad steel rods, they provide a fully NON MAGNETIC dowsing tool that can NEVER RUST!  Some simply prefer the rich looks of the brass!  As with all my dowsing rods, they can also be fitted with my optional "witness chamber kit" for even more fun and excitement. 

Our handle tubes prevent binding
All Our "L" Rod Handles Feature Plastic Slip Tubes

Only $11.50 / Pair
(Plus S/H)


Dowsing "U" Rod

Used as a SINGLE rod / not in pairs like "L" Rods

Our exclusive design is available in Copper Clad or Brass construction!  The arch is designed to allow the rod to span a large adult's arm, providing a full 360 degrees of rotation, while the poly tube assures reliably smooth movement!
Copper Clad $10.50 ea.
Brass $12.50 ea.
Plus S/H

A great testimonial from a Gold Prospector / repeat customer:
"The rods and the witness chambers were delivered yesterday."  "I have already given two pair to one of the members of our club."  "Oh, I went up to one of the claims last week-end to do a little dredging and took the rods with me.  I used the rods to find places to start dredging and found gold in every place the rods indicated it was present.  After dredging for a few hours I shut it down and started walking the creek for another place to start the next morning.  I got a really strong responce from the rods a little ways downstream in a spot that I have walked over at least a hundred times. I got everything set up for the next day and went and fixed and ate dinner.  The next morning I started working the spot where the rods indicated gold.  After an hour or so, I had cleaned out a deep hole that was totally undetectable from looking at the surface.  I shut the dredge down to do a clean up.   When I looked into the sluicebox, I was amazed to find the upper end almost completely covered with gold.  When I was done I had recovered over a quarter ounce.  That was one of the best hours I have ever spent dredging.  Thank you."
"Well I`ll make sure that some of the others in the club get thier set in the next few days and hopefully they will start getting more gold as well.  I will be ordering more in the future as more of our members return in the fall, if not before then.
Thanks again"
Merle G. / In AZ.

Witness Chamber Kit


Witness Chambers are a favorite of water and mineral dowsers to help "Tune" their rods and concentrate their dowsing abilities!  Simply put a sample of the searched for item in each vial, and attache to the rod tips or handles (as depicted in my Brass Rods section) and you are ready to go!  Each set includes two vials / two bushings / and an instruction sheet.  These are designed to fit ANY of MY dowsing "L" rods.  Bought some on Ebay in the past, and want witness chambers now??  Here they are!!!

Only $4.50 / Set With Rod Purch.
(Free S/H if purchased with a set of rods)
(Only $5.50 / Set plus S/H separately)

Glow Bead Kit
A favorite Accessory for
Paranormal Groups & Ghost Hunters

Simply charge them under bright light just before use.

Each kit includes 2 Glow In The Dark Beads, along with the necessary items to fasten the beads to ANY of my Dowsing "L" or "U" Rods.  This kit will also fit on the Brass Tip of my Aurameter!  
The most requested accessory from our paranormal groups and ghost hunters!  Great too for others who expect to operage in low light conditions.  Simply charge the beads before use ........ and get to actually SEE the movement of your dowsing instrument ..... all while others can only struggle to see & guess!
Separately: $3.00 / Kit
With Rod / Aurameter Purch: $2.50 / Kit
Plus S/H

Aurameter / Bobber
(Hard To Find Item)
This multi purpose Dowsing tool is used by Paranormal & Feng Shuei enthusiasts, as well as map and field dowsers too!
This Personally Designed Aurameter features a polished Brass Weighted Tip, which is securely mounted to a Copper Clad hand wound spring / beam assembly.  It can actually be used in place of a Bobber,
Pendulum, Pointer, Etc!

Full Size Copper Clad "L" Rods

The GOLD Standard / Our most popular rods!
Copper Clad "L" Rods

This particular style rod has been our "Gold Standard" for several years now, and has been our most requested rod due to it's high strength, convenient length, superb balance, and great sensitivity!  We have sold thousands of these rods .... and many dowsers choose to combine these with a pair of the pocket rods to have a full range of dowsing options and capabilities.

Only $9.50 / Pair
(Plus S/H)

Our Custom KING "L" Rods
(Same as the rods above / only larger)

King "L" Rods / Copper Clad

For the MAXIMUM in sensetivity, we offer our "King Rods" which are available in top lengths up to 30 inches.  We will help you to CUSTOM FIT these rods to YOUR personal requirments.  We have a simple method to assure you will get the maximum length and sensetivity, without the problems and complications that a pair of OVER SIZED rods can present!  Some of our bulk customers have us make the "King Rods" to their own specs!
Only $16.00 / Pair
(Plus S/H)
Includes Custom Fitting

Pocket / Purse "L" Rods

Pocket Dowsing Rods

Our Pocket / Purse "L" Rods have become a favorite of new and experienced dowsers alike!  Their copper clad steel construction provides the great looks and conductivity of copper, with the strength of steel, so you won't have to worry about accidental bending if you forget they are in your pocket!  They conceal and travel VERY easily, yet provide the dowser with a highly portable, quality tool, for those unexpected site screenings and dowsing opportunities!!

Pocket "L" Rods

Copper Clad / Only $8.50 / Pair
Brass / Only $10.50 / Pair
(Plus S/H)

(with steel spring)

Pure Copper Handle & Tip with flexible spring!

Each one of my Copper bobbers above, is skillfully crafted by hand, one piece at a time, checking each part for proper alignment and balance as it is assembled! Upon completion, each one is personally tested for smooth performance ...... just to be CERTAIN that you will enjoy a quality experience that can't be beat! No mass production here, just LOTS of personal attention to those LITTLE DETAILS, just like I've been doing with my “L - Rods” for years now!!
Only $17.50
~ Plus Shipping ~

Wooden Pendulum


This simple WOODEN tool has been a popular request by dowsers!  It comes complete with a Black Satin Cord, and measures roughly 18" in total length.  Works just like any other pendulum, with the naturally neutral characteristics of wood!
Only $6.50
Plus S/H


BRASS Tip with Copper Clad Beam / Spring / Wood Handle

Only $21.50
Plus S/H
Add one of our GLOW IN THE DARK BEAD KITS for paranormal or night vision work! 

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