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The Dowsers Corner

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Hand Crafted With Quality & Pride In The USA
ALL Our Items Are Hand Crafted In The USA!

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Some people call it Dowsing, others say Divining?  For me, it all started with the intrigue of seeing a dowser locate a water main line in the middle of a road!  The method intrigued me, as I expected some fancy electronic equipment to be brought in!  That successful demonstration led me down a path of wanting to learn dowsing for myself, and eventually to become a manufacturer of high quality hand crafted dowsing equipment to meet the needs of even the most demanding dowser.

Our dowsing "L" rods have been used for finding water, minerals such as oil, gold and silver, locating lost items, finding unmarked graves, and by a huge number of folks ...... for GHOST HUNTING!

Our high quality hand made dowsing rods have been available on Ebay for several years, and our exclusive customer proven instructions have gotten many dowsers started off on the right foot.  Customers OFTEN come back for more after experiencing their "successful start" at dowsing!

We also serve re-sellers across the US (including ghost hunting orginizations, ghost tour operators and even a MAJOR mineral detector firm), who have all come to rely on us to provide them with a high quality dowsing rod to meet their particular needs and demands. 

We offer competative bulk pricing, and extremely prompt service that just can't be beat!!  Each dowsing item is skillfully hand crafted, and personally inspected - hand polished - and tested, before it goes out the door.  One item ..... or a thousand ...... EACH is made as if it will be used personally!

Take a look at our various dowsing products, and if you don't see what you are looking for .... ASK .... it just may be because we didn't get it listed online yet! 

Don't forget we also offer a line of Helical Slinky(R) Antenna's and accessories which have been shipped to Ham Radio Operators and SWL / Short Wave Listeners across the globe! 

Feel free to email with any questions that you may have.  We offer tiered bulk pricing discounts for orders ten / twenty sets, should that be of interest. 

We make each of our items by hand, to exacting standards, each checked for balance and proper operation before they ship.  We would be very happy to add you to our constantly growing list of satisfied customers!!

Hand Crafted Dowsing Rods .........
Read our customer testimonials ....... and see for yourself how our dowsing rods perform out in the field!

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Used to locate lost items, water, minerals, silver, gold, oil, unmarked graves, underground lines & pipes, and a Favorite of GHOST Hunters!

A favorite at Ebay for years ..... now available directly!

Top Notch "Radio Products and Unique Accessories" .....

Our Popular Slinky(R) Ham and SWL Antennas
We offer a comprehensive line of Ham Radio and Short Wave Radio antenna's and accessories.   Our Slinky (R) Helical Dipoles are available in both Coax and Balanced line feeds. 
Our All Band Shortwave Receive Antenna is designed to provide greatly improved reception, with a simple connection to ANY brand of portable radio. We also offer performance enhancing accessories such as our Handi-Tail / Tiger Tail VHF enhancer, and our must have BNC to Dual Binding Post adapter, which is a mainstay for the QRP operators out there! 
Each item provides the user with quality, performance, convenience, portability, and efficiency.  Our Hand Crafted Antenna's have been a long time favorite for many Ebay buyers over the years .... and are now available direct!

Custom requests are always welcome!  We can provide bulk pricing, as well as customized service to meet your particular needs.  Please contact us for further information should this be of interest.

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Your one stop source for hand crafted Dowsing & Ghost Hunting Rods. Bulk orders welcome!
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